Thursday, June 2, 2011

Palermo Perfection....

Olivia always looks so put together no matter how casual her outfit.  I would love to be able to achieve such a feat. She is such a classy lady, and it speaks volumes that she is generally well regarded by the fashion industry and the media, indicating to me that she may well be a kind and warm person despite the portrayal of her as the bitch on The City.

She always looks amazing when she's dolled up for events but makes sure to maintain her glam look during the day too. Here are a few of my favourite dressed down Olivia looks.

photos via thevoguediaries


  1. I absolutely love Olivia Palermo :)


  2. She's amazing!
    I love her in The City on MTV

    Want to follow eachother? x

  3. she's awesome! I'm in love with her style!!!


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