Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Heroin Chic

Heroin chic, a controversial fashion trend became popular in the mid 1990's, it encompassed waif like models, frail and pale with sunken cheeks and dark eyes, messy hair, and dressed in over sized clothes but in a manner which often exposed skin. think Kate Moss when she was with Johnny Depp, Courtney Love, or Jaime King.
Depicting a 'glamourous' side to substance abuse, it caused a stir in the media, giving the fashion world a visual of models appearing strung out.
The trend gained attention serving as a vastly different look to the overly perfected and beautified models of the 1980's. This juxtapositon was stark.
The emergence of Heroin Chic in fashion photgraphy gave us the visual culture of aspects of society at the time,especially in the fashion world. The photographer Davide Sorrenti championed the look, shooting both Moss and his girlfriend Jaime King in this manner, Ironically he later died as a result of  heroin abuse.
Although it portrayed a very unhealthy image, there was certainly something sexy and unique about the trend. It was artistic and edgy. And I loved the photographs.

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