Tuesday, September 6, 2011

got my new shoes on

I went shopping on Saturday with my best pal and brought home these beauties from New Look of all places! Rarely do I shop there but I adore them and are exactly what I've been looking for, they are similar to a pair I wanted to get last year from ASOS but half the price at 39.99 euro. And when I just went on the website to get the picture for this blog post, I see that they are now on sale for £19.99 which would be about 25.00 euro. Great news for you but bad for me as I forked out the full price. But I love them so much I don't mind. They are incredibly comfortable and will go with everything in my winter wardrobe. Happy!!


  1. I love wearing mine too! These are the best New Look booties ever :) x


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