Friday, July 22, 2011

Pay Day

This month has been 5 weeks long! To make matters worse, I've strictly adhered to a spending ban for the month of July, I've bought nothing fun or fashionable, no meals out, no going out, no being frivolous with my money. Reason being I'm going on holiday to Egypt in August for 2 weeks and I want to be able to shop over there and I also just booked flights to New York for December, so I'm pretty much cleaned out. boohoo. I shouldn't complain as I've lots to look forward to but it has been a long month and i'm looking forward to this months payday so I can treat myself ( just a little!)

First stop will be Topshop for these booties beauties:


  1. well, these definitely are beauties!

  2. Ohhh cute boots! I hope payday comes soon!


    Erin @

  3. Good for you! Virtual high five :)

    Cute boots!

  4. Those boots are gorgeous, love them <3


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